All our tours can be tailor made / altered for a group request in both duration and destinations.


Nxai Pans and Baines Baobabs – 7 Days

Forming part of the Makgadikgadi Pan salt flats the scenery stretches as far as you can see in every direction. The focal point of Nxai Pan is the waterhole, in the midst of a large grassy plain dotted with clumps of short umbrella Thorn trees. Here, and within the Mopane woodland, lion, giraffe, kudu, springbok, impala, and ostrich, together with an abundant population of jackal and bat-eared fox, are common. Elephants are regular visitors to the campsites. Camping at the baobabs gives a sense of historical awe to these huge ancient trees standing sentinel over their visitors.

Tsodilo & Okavango.jpg

Linyanti Swamps, Tsodilo Hills & Okavango Panhandle – 10 Days

Located in the Kalahari Desert region of Botswana and South Africa, bordering Namibia to the west, it’s characterized by red dunes, dry rivers and star-crammed skies. This is Prozac for the soul! Wildlife includes migrating herds of wildebeest and springbok, predators, raptors, black-maned Kalahari lions, cheetah, hyena, honey badger, bat-eared fox, meerkat and small creatures like whistling rats and barking geckos. Guided walks and sunset night drives will bring the desert alive for you.

Okavango Delta & Makgadikgadi Pans – 12 Days

Discover the largest salt flats in the world! Once part of the Kalahari Super Lake, space is enigma as a billion stars press you into your seat around the fire. Camping at Baines Baobabs under trees standing since the early 1800’s, we wonder at all they have seen and stories they could tell of travelers over the years. Kalahari lions roar into the still night air, a sound to shatter the tranquility. Venturing to the panhandle of the Okavango is a discovery of massive proportions – billions of liters of water travels thousands of kilometers from Angola to drench this pristine oasis. Graben Faults, sand particles, water ways overgrown with papyrus give this area a mythical sensation.


Central Kalahari Game Reserve – 10 Days

Covering 52 000km² the CKGR is the 2nd largest reserve in the world and home to the largest animal populations! Its harsh, sprawling terrain is dominated by grasslands, home to wildlife such as giraffes, cheetahs, hyenas and wild dogs. There are several fossilized river valleys, including Deception and Passage Valleys. Desolation and solitude like never before, night stars by the billion and an adventure like no other.