The First 3 Days...

Departing Cape Town early one morning we made our way across the bottom part of the Western Cape to meet up with the N7 - the main Cape to Namibia route - we stayed the night in Garies. a quaint little "dorp" (Afrikaans for a small town) that provided great comfort and a welcome stop before we continued. The following morning we crossed the border into Namibia at Vioolsdrift at the Orange River without incident and had a quick run to the small town of Grunau. Here we filled up with fuel and turned off onto the first of many dust roads. Stopping at the fist gravel we lowered all the tyre pressures for added traction and arrive at Canyon Road House in the late afternoon. Our client quickly had his tent out and his bed made and we prepared the rest of the camp for the night. A delicious venison steak with pan fried vegetables with a dark South African red wine helped to wash all the flavours down.

A soft breeze was keeping us quite chilled but with the help of arctic sleeping bags and mohair blankets a very warm and comfortable night was spent.

The following morning we spent some more time on Gravel before arriving at Keetmanshoop where we added air to the tyres, fuel to the tanks and food to the bellies before once again turning the bonnet North for Windhoek.


A slight misunderstanding saw the entire expedition trade a campsite for a 5star hotel and a fantastic buffet of Zebra steaks, Merlot and a mint dessert!

Tomorrow will be some shopping in Windhoek and another evening here before we head off into the really wild places that Namibia has to offer.

Keep following us for more exciting adventures!