Nat Geo Expedition 2018

We have been very busy the last few months preparing for our 6 week expedition in search of ancient Himba tribes in the far North of Namibia. This is dangerous country - distances are vast, the terrain is rugged, no water or fuel for hundreds of miles, courage is essential. Both vehicles have to completely self sufficient with extended fuel tanks, plenty of water and the ability to rescue one another should the need arise. For this expedition we have embarked on a complete revamp of all our equipment - brand new batteries, solar panels, bucket shower, tents, cooking kit, Snowmaster fridges, lighting, bedding and a million other small details that could mean the difference between life or death out there. 


We have a specially adapted expedition vehicle, the Landrover Defender 110. This vehicle was one of the first in a team of Landrovers that traversed the South American continent from North to South in the 1960's. They have earned their reputation as being incredibly tough, reliable and dependable machines in all types of terrain.

Departing on the 8th of July 2018 we will make our way North West towards the border with Namibia at the small town of Springbok. With stops at the Canyon Road House, Windhoek & Hoada before we leave all signs of civilisation behind and venture into the incredible vastness of this area called Damaraland.

Join us for this epic expedition. Pierre will post as often as possible where internet or satellite signal will allow and show you the incredible beauty of Namibia, share the journey with us!