4X4 Journeys


1. Guided with driver - catering optional

2. Guided self drive - catering optional

3. Self drive - we book it all, you collect the car and enjoy your holiday.

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Holidays, Bookings, Packages and more…

African Safari Experts has a small core team of experienced Africa specialists that can make your dream holiday to Africa a reality. With representatives in Canada, the United States and Europe we are uniquely placed to call you and discuss what you would like to see and do.

After more than 20 years in the safari industry we know all the best lodges and we have negotiated discounts that we pass along to you. Guaranteed we will beat any price you receive and we have a money back guarantee.

Our ethos at African Safari Experts revolves around these core ideals.


Passion exemplifies African Safari Experts. For every aspect of the relationships we have we give respect, honour and friendship to ensure long lasting friendships.


You will pay less with us. We have spent years building relationships which afford us discounts that are passed on to you. From accommodation to activities you will be saving your hard earned money by doing a safari with us.


When you inquire with us we will call you, we would like to make your safari holiday personal and understanding what you want allows us to deliver on your expectations.


We are as reliable as the sunrise on this beautiful continent. If we make you a promise or undertaking, if we say we will do something, consider it done!


While we are on tour the most you will have to do is move your chair or lift your drink to your lips while you gaze across the plains of Africa, elephants in the distance, your ice crackling in the Gin and a cool breeze wafting over the grasses.

We are passionate, dedicated and reliable - but you’ll only know that once you’ve been on safari with us!

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