Who are we at African Safari Experts?


We’re a small company that takes great pride in every aspect of what we do, this is passion. Passion for our guests, the environment, service, the people we employ, fauna and flora, the people we do business with to make your safari a success, the people in organizations we support and everyone in between.

Passion exemplifies African Safari Experts.

We won’t rush your safari. We make sure there is time for you spend in that hammock on the rivers edge, get those extra photographs of the Lions roaring, the elephants tousling. That’s why we sometimes spend 3 days in one place – we are here to experience Africa, not rush around as fast as possible.


You will pay less with us. We have spent years building relationships which afford us discounts that are passed on to you. From accommodation to activities you will be saving your hard earned money by doing a safari with us.

There are no hidden costs and no credit card surcharges. Once you have booked and paid for you safari, that’s it. We are clear on what’s included or not. If you would like to do additional activities or book a chalet at one of the stops just let us know in advance and we will do the rest.


We have all worked in the service industry for many years now and we all share the same credo and ethos of exceptional service all the time. We are a tight knit, happy team and that transfers to the way we conduct our safaris, with passion and joy! Clients arrive and friends depart, its that simple and we love the feedback we receive from the friends we take on tour.

When you inquire with us we will call you, we would like to make your safari holiday personal and understanding what you want allows us to deliver on your expectations.


Your safety on holiday is extremely important to us – there is nothing else more important. For this reason, over and above your own travel insurance, African Safari Experts provides you with free medical evacuation cover through SES – Zambia. This cover is a network of aircraft, helicopters, vehicles, doctors, paramedics and nurses who are available to us throughout our safaris in all the countries we visit. We know where we are at any given time, which is the closest heli-pad, airfield, hospital or town and we have a dedicated satellite phone which allows us to call for assistance 24 hours a day.

We are as reliable as the sunrise on this beautiful continent. If we make you a promise or undertaking, if we say we will do something, consider it done!


We use Toyota Hilux and Landrover Defender vehicles. Pierre has spent his entire life around Landrovers and knows them back to front. The Toyota Hiluxes are world renowned for their dependability and we have never had a breakdown in over a decade of touring. That speaks volumes! We maintain our vehicles rigorously with servicing and good old tender loving care. Spares are carried for almost every eventuality ensuring we are not delayed or waylaid. The vehicles are spacious and comfortable, there is aircon and you’re guaranteed a few window seats – each vehicle carries a guide and 2 clients ensuring a very personal experience.


Mariclaire has spent the last 20 years preparing meals all over the world. Her passion is peasant fusion food but its very far from peasant fare! Her meals have made her famous with our clients! Especially considering where she prepares them and how delicious they are. We can cater to most dietary requirements, please just let us know well in advance. All your meals are prepared for you, you will be called to dinner in the evenings to find a table with starched linen, china crockery, metal cutlery and crystal glassware. Wine at dinner is complimentary and it’s the prefect time to share the sighting stories of the day. Our dinners are fun, delicious and there are always a few laughs to be had.



While we are on tour the most you will have to do is move your chair or lift your drink to your lips while you gaze across the plains of Africa, elephants in the distance, your ice crackling in the Gin and a cool breeze wafting over the grasses.

We are 6 staff for 6 guests ensuring you will want for nothing.

Our Camp Manager, Wilson, will erect your tents, make your beds, put out your chair, serve you a drink, bring you coffee in the morning and a whole lot more. We work as a close team and everyone can do each other’s job.


We believe in the wilderness. Botswana is over-run with self-drive tourism that can quite easily ruin a holiday at a crowded campsite. We look for the least developed, the farthest corner, the densest bush and then we head out for an experience of a park and her wildlife that is quite simply incomparable. You wont see another vehicle for days on end, there are no tyre tracks we’re following, we’re making the first for weeks or months. We know these places, explored them as much as possible, found the most magical places no one else goes to and then we plan a tour there to share it with a few of our lucky friends.


We are passionate, dedicated, reliable and cost effective, but you’ll only know that once you’ve been on safari with us!

Make your booking today.